Thursday, December 4, 2014

Meet SFBC's New Executive Director Noah Budnick: Worst Person Ever

Noah getting ready to hop on a bike and travel the City he ruined with bike lanes.
“There is incredible energy across the country to transform cities into healthy, livable places, and I’m so excited to work with communities around the city to put San Francisco on the forefront of this transformation.”  These are clearly the words uttered by a fanatical and evangelical bike nut!

Noah Budnick won crucial street campaigns, including creating a safer speed limit throughout New York City; the first protected bikeways in the U.S. on Manhattan’s 8th and 9th avenues; and Bus Rapid Transit throughout the city. Budnick also served on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s transition team, making Vision Zero and street safety a top priority for the incoming mayor. He probably takes credit in the fact that Citi Bike Share surged in the last year.  New Yorkers took 3.2 million trips during the first 100 days of the program and traveled an average of almost 30,000 miles daily.  He'll probably take credit for the fact there have been no fatalities so far, either.
Noah Budnick posts a picture of his crazy anti-car propaganda.
image found here. 
This kind of bike zealot has even proposed segregated bikes lanes just because of some "evidence" and "facts" that ped/bike accidents go down while biking increases.  He probably hasn't even read THE STUDY, which shows that cycling is the worst thing you could probably do according to the study.  The Study.

So have fun with your new executive director with his fancy new title and his over 14 years of experience, and his proven track record for decreasing accidents and making New York safer for every mode of transit.  Enjoy your private hell of better rapid transit, better Citi Bike Share, less car congestion and safer streets thanks to this bike lunatic.  

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