Monday, January 19, 2015

Officials Send Strong Message to Motorists: 'Don't be Drunk When You Drive Like a Drunk'

Driver who sped and killed was checked for drugs and alcohol, then sent on her merry way.  This sends a clear message: Don't be drunk, because you could have done the thing you just did, drunk.
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Over 30,000 people in the United States perish as a result of auto crashes, and one third of those accidents are the result of drunk driving.  The other two-thirds are the result of behaving drunk while driving.  Police all over the country test people after they've been involved in crashes to send a strong message,"if you recklessly speed, run through a red light, or otherwise endanger pedestrians, you better not be drunk when you do it."
Driver jumps a curb and hits five children near Queens School, gets a breathalyzer.  He didn't have any alcohol in his system when he disregarded the safety of others.  No charges.
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San Francisco makes certain their reckless drivers are sober.  Evidence supported that Muzaffar was completely sober when he was checking his phone and making a fast right turn in his SUV, failing to yield to 3 people, killing 1 and seriously injuring the others. Investigators found there was no cause for charging Muzaffar with gross negligence as a felony, because he wasn't intoxicated.   So the lesson is clear, don't be drunk when you behave drunk or you'll pay dearly.

Muzaffar is very lucky to have been driving recklessly and without any care to the personal well-being of others, sober, or he could have gotten a worse sentence.
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All over the country, Police, District Attorneys and Judges are working tirelessly to make the streets free of impaired motorists.  They hope that some day we'll live in a world where we're only struck and killed by impatient and distracted drivers who are fully aware of what they're doing, and get away scot-free.  

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