Tuesday, July 5, 2016

SFMTA Ready to Experiment With People's Lives to Save Parking Along L Taraval

"We have statistical proof that motorists have little reverence to signs, paint, speeds or pedestrians, but hey it might happen right?" - SFMTA "Planner"
With any SFMTA project, be it adding a bike lane to Polk street or any pedestrian safety improvement, the question is, "how can we save all or add more parking?"  The L Taraval ~Improvement~ Project is no different.  The SFMTA is ready to experiment with the lives of people to satisfy the perceived need of parking on every square inch of an arterial street.

Such great features as "people walk into the streets hoping they don't die" and "parking saved"!
Ed Reiskin, the SFMTA's Politician of Transportation, said "we completely understand that Ninety-five percent of collisions have occurred as people were getting off the light rail, but I want to keep my job.  So we came up with an innovative paint and sign idea that saves parking, and retain our jobs as well.  It's a hell of a lot easier than conjuring up political will and leadership in this city.  Oh, and Vision Zero something something."

"We just want to see how many people will stop because of signs and paint, because they usually don't stop for signs and paint.
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"This kind of pilot is unprecedented, possibly because it's a crime against humanity," said one self proclaimed SFMTA Planner.  "You just don't see this kind of innovation anywhere else!  It's quite elegant really.  Only five people need to get severely injured before we add real bus islands to these areas.  Think of it as 'Vision 90 Percent'.  If we can prevent just one person from never experiencing the displeasure of searching for parking, we've really done our job."
"This kind of thing happens every day on our streets, but the L Taraval "Bus Islands" will totally probably be different!
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L-Taraval Shitshow Public Hearing

City Hall
At this public hearing, members of the public can scream and complain about their loss of parking and demean human life on this latest proposal for the L-Taraval.