Wednesday, April 6, 2016

SFMTA Votes to Curb City's "Transit Dependance"

The SFMTA has proposed a budget for Fiscal Years 2017 and 2018.  The budget has a slew of fare increases for people addicted to public transit, but it also hits them with another penalty for using cash.  When asked if they should increase Muni up to $2.50 they enthusiastically said, "Absolutely!" When asked if they should start charging for evening parking, the SFMTA quickly replied, "hold on, we're going to have to 'study' that one..."

Hundreds of transit addicts waiting for their fix.
Photo by mayortoby & Muni Diaries
Under scrutiny of some organizations, the SFMTA was asked, "why didn't you just reduce the fare for people who use a card, rather than add a surcharge for people who used cash?  Now they'll pay $2.50 for transit.  A SFMTA spokesman said, "that could lead to more transit addicts, and we really didn't want to be responsible for that.  We have way too many people taking public transit now which leads to all kinds of problems.  Pollution, traffic accidents, congestion... you name a city problem and it's undoubtedly tied to public transit use.  Plus we have a budget hole to the tune of 8 million dollars, about the same amount we have to pay to give motorists their sorely needed free Sunday parking."

All kinds of increases to help curb the city's transit addiction!  Plus it helps offset all the motorist freebies!
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The SFMTA also had a slew of motorists perks for to help curb the city of its debilitating transit dependence
  • Reducing Towing Fees - For motorists who, for some reason outside their control, break parking laws and get their cars towed.  
  • Free Sunday Parking Meters - Mayor Lee, Ed Reiskin & the SFMTA have no intention on rescinding this massive giveaway to anyone who decides to move around the city in a personal speeding combustible metal box.  
  • Free Evening Parking - This was moved to "study" phase.  Which means that it will be studied to nauseam, possibly brought into existence, and then quickly killed off ala Sunday parking. 
  • Free Sunday Double Parking - To remain as free as it is illegal! 
  • Free Saturday Double Parking - Because Sunday is so popular it's returning to all weekend days! 
The Board of Supervisors will consider whether or not they'll pass the SFMTA budget, but given that most of them have curbed or never had a public transit addiction, the SFMTA is confident it will pass.  
"If it can help just one person get out of public transit and back into a personal car, we've done our jobs here," said one supervisor (probably Farrel).

The SFMTA also plans to change the city policy to read "Transit-First Policy ;-)" later this year. 

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