Monday, August 12, 2013

Taxis to Ride Sharing Services - "Leave the Reckless Driving to Professionals"

Cabs are known to have the best record of safe reckless driving.
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Since the inception of ride sharing services, cab companies have been fuming over the loss of business, and crying foul over lack of blessed city regulations. The Taxi services protested at City Hall, saying they aren't so much concerned over their livelihoods, or the fact that a recent survey put Cabs at the bottom of any list of transit option.  They are more concerned about the welfare of these ignorant people taking ride share cars. Cab companies are worried that these ride share drivers aren't properly licensed to drive haphazardly through the street of San Francisco. 

“Those unlicensed drivers are road bandits and don't know the first thing about double parking, or how to U-Turn in a busy street,” one protester said. “We are the real community drivers and the community knows how to get the hell out of our way.”
"It takes tens of hours of training to learn how to professionally run red lights"
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Protesters say that even with the new regulations in place, ride-shares won't understand the first thing about driving like a maniac.  Cabs, on the other hand, receive countless hours of training to weave in and out of city traffic, the proper way to take right turns when pedestrians are in the way, and how to get through a red light without barely hitting anything.  "It will take years before Ubar and Lyft start behaving like they own the roads." 

"Uber and Lyft don't know the first thing about safely speeding past a pedestrian"
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  5. I think that Taxi's should just be armored in a way that protects the passengers in the event of a violent accident. That way there is an added measure of protection while getting as fast possible from one end of the city to the other. At the very least, taxi drivers are the most brave public transportation on the street. I will always take a taxi.

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