Monday, May 12, 2014

Dustin White: SF Transportation Planner - Biker Dirtbag of the Month

Dustin White - Popping a Wheelie while thinking of ways to ruin traffic in San Francisco.
Photography: Ted Ketai // Website: Scout Studio
Did you know that Dustin White, one of the transportation planners for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency... wait for it... owns a bike?!? (and a car)  Did you know this chump only has multiple degrees in city planning, transportation engineering, and civil engineering?!?  He doesn't even have the decades of experience in dish washing and blogging that you've come to expect from a legitimate authority in urban street design!  In a shocking revelation, Dustin actually admitted on the Internet that, "In 2004 I bike toured with my mom from Montreal to the coast of Maine. Thanks mom!" was one of his most memorable moments.  Do you need any more proof that he's deranged cyclist with a radical agenda to change a fraction of the 2600 streets in San Francisco?

This cyclist dirtbag even takes credit for working on a "low-cost" project (a percentage of the 3 million dollars allocated for city bike projects from 2011-2013) that added bike lanes to a portion of Market Street that is now one of the most heavily traveled bike routes in the US.  People now make around 6,000 cycling trips daily through Market Street; a corridor that really should only be accessible to lost and confused tourists, and motorists who want to drive in the bus only lane.  He's probably one of those nuts that wants to make city traffic "calmer" and "safer" in San Francisco for pedestrians, too.
Only 23,225 trips a day from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm counted at 51 intersections?  Thanks for nothing, Dustin!
info and picture found here.
These kind of statistics really makes you wonder how the city can justify spending .000625% of the city's annual budget on bicycle safety and improvement projects.  It only benefits the 43% of voters who already bike, and 2/3rds of voters who want better bike lanes in San Francisco.  It's a real head scratcher.

If we want infrastructure that doesn't cater exclusively to cars, then let's continue to keep these crazed dirtbag biker planners like Dustin White, with their fancy shmancy degrees, and their multi-mode transportation experience, in City Hall.  Everyone with half a brain knows that we should rely solely on highway engineers from the 50's to build our San Francisco Streets.  I, for one, say, "Suck it, Dustin!"
Superpro Cycling Extremist and Lunatic Civil Engineer Dustin shown speeding away from his common sense.
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  1. Love your blog - keep it up buddy

  2. Wow this guy seems like a monster LOL

  3. I agree with you so much Bob Gunderson that it hurts. Get these jokers out city hall and leave the road development to people who exclusively drive cars!