Monday, October 6, 2014

Biking on Market Street to be Featured on American Ninja Warrior

Are you ready to have an exciting bike ride down Market Street?  Keep your eyes peeled you might see a bike sharrow somewhere along the path!
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Thousands of people take to Market Street by bike every day, despite the fact that it has every conceivable pitfall a biker could ever face.  Some do it purposefully since every mode of transit is slow as hell and it's the "lesser of the evils".  Other people simply don't know any better and assume a market street that caters to over 100,000 people a day would be bike friendly.  Tourist Kent Wentson said, "Yeah so our family came to San Francisco and we saw all these Bike Share bikes everywhere and so we thought we would give them a spin and go down the city's quiet, pedestrian and bike friendly market street.  Boy were we ever wrong!"

The television show American Ninja Warrior heard about a heavily biked street with absolutely no dedicated lanes for a mile and a half, they quickly realized it would make their most daunting course to date.
Contestants will run over to grab their Bike Share bikes, conveniently located between car parking and double parked cabs.
They will then try and avoid the dreaded cable car tracks.   If you make it past, get ready for cars that might, or might not, swing left!  If it's a cab just assume they are going to cut you off, or worse.
The show's producer said, "We couldn't believe that so many people would bike down a market street given that it's pretty much a huge F U to anyone who needs to bike to work.  And what's with all the cars on it?  This couldn't be much worse if the city intentionally made it that way.  It literally has all the markings of one hell of a Ninja Warrior course"

Weaving around buses, avoiding speeding cars, and fun little landmines like these cheese-grater things
that are sure to take out an American Ninja Warrior.
"It's all so exciting and you never know what it's going to be like.  Maybe there will be a slew of delivery trucks in your way, or a cab doing a u-turn.  No matter what you will find yourself choosing between a variety of pitfalls.  I mean seriously, who came up with this street design and why do they hate bicyclists so much!?!"

Do they choose between bus exhaust or getting squished?
If contestants assume cars are going to stop when they're legally required to, they'll lose big-time.
Once they get to around 6th and Market Street you're almost in the clear!  Eventually there's green paint and almost enough room to feel safe around speeding cars.
image found here.
The producers of America Ninja Warrior haven't gotten a lot of people to sign up because of the extensive legal wavers.  "The fact that we're legally required to call it the 'Urban Death Hole Course' certainly didn't help matters." Producers have expressed other frustrations. "There aren't a lot of people who are going to bike down Market Street just to win $500,000."


  1. god it's so awful - are they ever going to fix it?

  2. You are officially my new favorite blogger, Bob. Thank you.