Saturday, June 27, 2015

SFTRU's Muni Challenge - "Gunderson Gold" Winners!

Pay no attention to the people at the top.  The real winners are the supervisors who day in and day out say, "It's just easier to drive my personal car around this 50 square mile city."
image courtesy of SF (Transit Riders Union(of jerks)
The SF Transit Rider's Union came up with a deplorable challenge for our city supervisors, to take Muniserable Transit! (See what I did there?!)  The challenge ran from Monday, June 1st to Monday, June 22nd, one day for each of the years since 1993 when San Francisco voters passed Proposition AA which stated that the mayor, members of the board of supervisors and other city officials, to ride Muni at least two workdays per week.  Absurd, right?!

Thankfully, about half our supervisors barely took it at all, and a few labored to put in a pity ride at the very end to lose out on the "Gunderson Gold: Zero Muni Rides" challenge.  Fortunately there were a few well deserved awards waiting in the wings.  Supervisor Tang won out with the least Muni rides.  More people accidentally trip and fall into Muni more than Supervisor Tang took it.  Well done, Tang!
Supervisor Tang squeaked by Cohen in the final days. Malia Cohen decided to take Muni that she had "given up on years ago".  
It was a tough call on which of the six would receive the Gunderson Gold for best excuse not to "eat their own dog food" and ride Muni, but Mark Farrell won out!  Farrell's excuse was that often times he has to drive his kids to school and it's the only time he can spend quality time with them.  Because the best times in your car, driving through a pedestrian rich environment should be spent interacting with your kids!

Two Muni trips at the last minute.  Why even try riding muni with your children when you can simply spend quality time with them driving! 
And honorable mention goes to London Breed, who took three pity Muni rides, and never once took the 21 Hayes, which she recently decided to make the SFMTA keep 2 stops on the same block.

Well done London Breed!  Good thing you avoided both these stops on the same block!  Your lack of experience and attention to Muni will pay off greatly for all us motorists!
Other supervisors gave their constituents the impression that there are alternatives to the glory of driving a vehicle in a dense pedestrian rich environment.  A special boo-out goes to John Avalos, David CamposJulie Christensen, Eric Mar & Jane Kim.  You are quite simply, the. worst.

And last but certainly last, I'd like to mention Scott Wiener and his deplorably high amount of Muni Rides.  Children are going to look at this alternative transit lifestyle and think it's social acceptable.  Please, children, let Mayor Lee be your compass, and only take a politically viable amount of transit rides if you absolutely have to.
Scott Wiener giving people the impression that Muni isn't just a shame cab for poor people.
Image found here.
And to make matters worse those SFTRU gave me a mock award!  Can you believe anyone would do such a thing?

Eric Mar & SFTRU and my mock award - "You Loath me, you really loath me!"
Image courtesy of Thomas Rogers & the SFTRU
Here's to next year when we can hopefully boot out all the supervisors who have shamelessly promoted public transit in our city.  Let's ensure that San Suburbscisco stays a car first city!


  1. Congratulations on your award! I fully understand why you chose to send your daughter rather than attend such a vile conference in person.

  2. As we know, Car-ma means that what goes around comes around and around and around looking for parking. So while you were stuck circling around in a death grip with the consequences of your actions, we brainstormed about how to top this next year. One popular notion was Bobby-&-Flaberta-stuck-in-traffic spotting while riding Muni Rapid lines.

  3. What a stupid analysis of Farrell's situation. Sounds just like the crap a person with no kids would say. And well played Sup Tang; if you're not termed out you'll get my vote again.

    How is it sensible or fair to compare someone who lives very close to City Hall to someone who lives in the Sunset or Bayview?

    And with her "progressive" attitude, I'd have though Kim would like to ride more.

    1. You're so right! He, and every other supervisor, should never even attempt to take Muni with their children during the challenge, even if it's for the proposes to highlight how difficult it could be for parents to use Muni.