Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"If You're Going to Get Hit by A Car, Make Sure to do it in a Crosswalk"

The pressure is on for the SFPD to step up their enforcement of our streets to ensure they are safer. Citations have increased 54% citywide. They are targeting everyone from speeding cars, relatively quick bicyclists, and slow-ass pedestrians.  They've even issued a ticket out to the worst offenders of all, the elderly.

The man was hit by a car walking away from St. Mary's Cathedral on Geary Freeway/Boulevard on Sunday and was admitted to the hospital. The 86 year old suffered a compound fracture, but that wasn't enough.  He was issued a jaywalking ticket soon after he was admitted.  SFPD Spokesman said "he really should have been moving at a snails pace inside of crosswalk.  You know, that small stretch of painted street that keeps pedestrians safe until they magically turn back into car owned space once the pedestrian light stops flashing?"

The difference between safe legal walking and illegal and reckless crossing known as "Jaywalking"
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While some "walk nuts" have argued that the burden should fall on people who choose to drive a 2 ton vehicle at a high velocity on city streets.  Others believe that even if 60% of the accidents are the result of motorist negligence, people like the elderly, children, bicyclists can be equally at fault to the eyes of the law.  "It's about enforcing the law, not just about public safety." tweeted a motorist speeding down Van Ness Avenue.

Get in the crosswalk if you're going to struck, idiots!
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A new Chicago Department of Transportation study shows that most pedestrian accidents occur in crosswalks. They happen even when the pedestrian has the right of way.  SFPD Spokesman said, "We really want to get the message out to people that they need to get struck inside the crosswalks and not outside of them. That's the best place to be, for, reasons."  The SFPD hopes these measures teach everyone in San Francisco a lesson, and not just the people who can inflict bodily injury and property damage.

Crosswalks, they're "Saaaaaafesque"!


  1. Oh when will those silly pedestrians learn!

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  3. Because teaching people a lesson is the most important thing in life.

  4. That’s why it really pays to think about following the rules whenever we cross streets. Just because we got hit doesn’t mean that it was the driver who’s at fault. Let’s all remember that we are the ones who are responsible with ourselves every time we hit the road. Before we put a blame, it’s also important to acknowledge if we followed the rules accordingly. Thanks for sharing, and stay safe!

    Kim E. Hunter

    1. Oh I agree Kim. Just because someone is driving a 2000 pound vehicle through a dense city at high speeds doesn't mean they're pretty much entirely to blame for a person's death.