Monday, August 11, 2014

Moveon Petitions: Anti-War, End Fracking, Preserve Parking and Neuter Public Transit in SF

MoveOn.Org - saving society from pro-bike, pro-transit, and "anti-car" initiatives in our cities.  
For those of you who don't know what is, here's their mission statement:

"We are currently focusing on what we call our Million Leaders strategy — an audacious plan to unleash progressive people power by encouraging and supporting MoveOn members and other progressives to step up as the leaders of their own campaigns for social change. This strategy includes MoveOn Petitions, our online petition tool that empowers you to lead and win your own MoveOn-style campaigns."

If you scroll around the site you'll most likely see petitions to tell Obama to ban fracking on public lands, or to stop the keystone pipeline.  You'll also see local San Francisco progressive values in action with "Stop SFMTA (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency)"  What could be more progressive than abolishing public transit and preserve the hundreds of thousands of free parking spaces in San Francisco?  That's right, nothing!

What could be more progressive than jamming a city with more cars and free parking?
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The petition reeks of grass roots progressive values you've come to expect from citizens here.  The call to end "Anti'car" policies such as:

1. Installing new parking meters and extending the hours of enforcement.
2. Enforcing Sunday parking meters
3. Increasing meter rates, fees and fines

It even gives a hearty nod to the "Restore Car Dominated Balance" ballot initiative which will put cars back in the forefront, from the forefront.  These common sense, progressive values are sure to make Muni better but not by funding it or making any substantial changes to any of the streets in San Francisco.  We can have our cake and drive over it too!

Save excessive speeding and parking on Masonic Avenue! It's just like signing a petition to save the rain forests and sea turtles!  
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ENUF's petition isn't the only well thought out, progressive petition on the site.  Moveon also gives a a shout out to save the Masonic Ave Freeway, and "No to wider sidewalks on Potrero Avenue".  The three fit nicely into a cohesive environmentally friendly and socially conscious SF narrative of  "SHUT UP I CAN DRIVE AND PARK WHERE AND WHENEVER I WANT TO YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!!"

"Sue the GOP Congress", "Support Striking Walmart Workers" and "Don't you dare put a bigger sidewalk on this massive speed chute!
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Hats off to the folks for maintaining their integrity when it comes to giving voice to the undeserved and marginalized.  Keep standing up for women's reproductive rights.  And by all means ensure that people with private vehicles continue to dominate the roads of San Francisco and everyone else can suck it!


  1. What Moveon actually has those? Sick!!!

  2. What a disgrace - are those really progressive values?!?

  3. We are the non-partisan backlash to government overreach that is fighting privatization and commercialization of city streets and militarization of American police forces. We are emerging as the new media darlings who are leaving our alliances to band together to protect our liberties. We are starting by fighting the excesses and lack of accountability of the SFMTA by supporting the No on A and B (No more Muni money for non-Muni projects) and Yes on L (restore transportation balance) campaigns.

    1. Way to show that you're not some lousy nut job...

    2. Zrants - as if you and your fellow motorheads give one shit about muni, and as if you ever take it. You just want to gripe against the one entity that might make your car ride just a little less fast, or force you to actually pay for using a piece of land in the city. Fuck you and your bullshit. Muni has been underfunded for decades now and it's because of shitheads like you.