Thursday, August 28, 2014

Seattle's New Bike Share Immediately Screws up Traffic for Motorists

Seattle's Bike Share Program immediately jams up traffic for motorists
Bike Share Stations (Left) - Traffic Congestion (Right)
No more than 2 days into their start, the Seattle Bike Share Program already ruined traffic, say some pro- motorist groups.  Opponents of the program are throwing their hands up and screaming "we told you so!" They also pointed the finger to dedicated bike lanes and the various pedestrian and cyclist safety measures implemented over the last couple of years.  Eric Dicker, longtime resident of Seattle said, "We always said traffic was going to get worse and here's definitive proof that bike share is ruinous.  Now the sky is, indeed, falling." Eric explained the hardship he faced when driving a half mile to the store to get a loaf of bread.

Bikes were already clogging the shit out of Seattle - Bike Share just tipped the scale and ruined traffic for motorists.
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Seattle's Bike Share advocates have pointed the finger to the state's Department of Transportation, citing that all the extra traffic lanes built to accommodate more cars just created more congestion.  They also said recent cuts to public transit also contributed to more cars on the roads.  This has fallen on motorist deaf ears and many conveniently insist this is due to bikes. Motorists, jammed  up in traffic, say the blame falls solely on these bikers and their far reaching efforts to provide quick bicycle trips in and around the city.  "I mean just look at them taking up 2 feet on side roads, going 15 miles an hour. Is it any wonder our highways and freeways are so screwed up now?"
"We always knew these small, nimble machines would just obliterate motorist traffic"
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  1. You still have not addressed the study. Why won't you address the UC study?

    1. I've personally studied the study in a studious manner, and man are these studies stuntingly unstinting in their stodginess.

  2. The Study!!!! Did you know that a doctor saw a cyclist get hurt once and said they would never bike again?!?