Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lombard Street "Closed"? SFMTA Plan Failed? Chaos? Are These Question Marks Misleading?

The traffic on Lombard Street is completely screwed up?!  Well if that first sentence is any indication, the answer is a resounding, yes?  According to the hard working, unbiased folks at CBS, it was a major shitshow and immediately failed.  The crooked part of Lombard Street street was closed to most vehicle traffic (except for people who live on that street).   It only applies to Saturday and Sunday between noon and 6 p.m. and is part of a 3 week pilot program, which you can find buried at the end of most articles.  CBS was the first to crack this story with their irrefutable scientific evidence?

"Closed" Lombard Street.  This is Absolute Chaos?  Is the man fleeing for his life with his kid?
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When CBS interviewed a ton of people in the area they inevitably found someone who wasn't happy about it.  Some lady said that she was shocked, so it is, indeed, shocking and newsworthy.  People are now forced to actually walk or bike through this "closed" corridor for 12 hours out of the week for the entirety of 4 weeks.

Lombard Street is far less chaotic when there's a steady stream of cars idling,speeding, and blocking the entrance to a crooked street?
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There's no telling what kind of fresh hell that will be unleashed from closing a street to cars 48 of out of 672 hours during the month, but you'll be sure to find out through the unbiased view of our media outlets.  The SFMTA board approved the program claiming it would to increase safety and reduce congestion, which is complete bullshit... I mean, complete bullshit?

Pedestrians  jamming up Lombard Street and ruining it?
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  1. Oh the humanity! Won't someone think of the children! LOL