Friday, June 13, 2014

The War on Cars Continues, With, Err... Cars

The SFMTA is at it again with their assault on cars, this time with, er, cars!  The plan is to utilize a whopping 0.002% (900) of the total of public parking on car sharing in San Francisco.  It's pure madness!  These precious spaces shouldn't be devoted to vehicles that are accessible to everyone, and where cars can be utilized throughout the day at a rate of 95%.  Every car owner knows that parking spots are supposed to be free to people that actually OWN cars and reserved for people to store 90% of the time.

Kiss your freedom goodbye, suckers.
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Studies suggest that car share actually helps ease parking congestion, because people are more likely to ditch their car if they have more access to them.  Other studies estimate between 9 and 32 people ditch their cars when car sharing options are available in their neighborhood. These parking spots also bring in anywhere from $50 to $225 a month to the city.  While this so called "evidence" suggests a lot of benefits, the Internet had a lot of poignant and rage filled comments on this car sharing pilot.

  • BBhater: "Give away the bus stops and now parking?? What is SFMTA doing?"
  • WhyMeWorry: "OK, City of SF, why not just track down all the privately owned motor vehicles and put us in jail."
  • Enders_of_sf: "The war against the individual continues."
  • SF_local: "What a rip. San Francisco forcing people to bend to their will. So goes freedom."
  • Orange Moose: "great. that much harder to find a spot. thanks!"
  • Rkeezy: "Stay out of my neighborhood! You're not as wanted as you think you are."  
First Car Share invades your neighborhood, then they take away your freedom, and then it's just a matter of time until car owners wind up in jail.
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The SFMTA pilot program thinks this is a win for everyone; from people who don't have cars and would like access to them, car owners on the verge of getting rid of theirs, and also for people who want a better chance to store their personal car on the streets.

Based on these insightful comments above, the pilot is just another war on cars.  It's going to be even harder to find a spot when more people stop owning cars, 'individual freedoms' will be lost, and private car owners will wind up in jail, somehow.  The common sense individuals of San Francisco need to stand up and defend their free 2-3 car storage rights.  Parking spots should be publicly accessible, but not actual cars.  We finally need to end this war on cars, even with, umm... cars, once and for all!

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  1. I aspire to be as angry and profound as those guys.