Tuesday, July 8, 2014

'Citizens for More Television' Group Against Slower City Speed Limits

Recently, Supervisor Eric Mar has asked city government to look into the possibility of reducing traffic speeds in order to help reduce all the injuries and fatalities on the streets of San Francisco. "We must do all that we can do to make sure that the streets are safer for our residents and a speed limit reduction may have a significant impact on achieving this," said Supervisor Eric Mar.  But a lot of people have wondered what kind of impact this might have on motorists, particularly since the average american enjoys watching 5 hours of television a day.

"Well this just f*cking blows!  I'm going to miss part the Price is M*ther*ucking Right!"
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Jake Gandson explains, "Hey I'm all for slower speeds and safety, but not if it comes at the expense of less television watching, or if I have to slow down."  The group "Citizens for More Television" have balked at the idea of lower speed limits which t other cities such as Paris and New York have recently implemented.  CFMT argued, "We really don't know what kind of consequences these speed changes have had on TV watching in those cities we really aught to know before we lower driving speeds to safe levels."

If slower speed limits are implemented, it could mean minutes or even tens of minutes before you'll get  home to binge watch.
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Janic Loftman said she's sympathetic to all those people who are maimed and injured from car traffic every year, but also said, "You know if we could just do this during the summer months when there's not a lot of new programming, I'd be all for it.  Once those fall series start I'm hard pressed to drive the speed limit in the city as it stands."  Where or not slower speeds will happen in San Francisco is still up to debate, but couch potatoes around the city on edge worrying about what commercials they might miss if this passes.


  1. I'm sure those "Restore Balance" aholes are against slower speed limits too.

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  3. What about all those people stuck on Muni. Think about all the time they're missing out watching tv too!

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