Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mayor Lee's Parking Excuse - "In Case He Needs to Bolt and Flip-Flop on Issues"

Mayor Lee's been in a lot of hot water recently because his personal chauffeur has parked his personal car in super convenient areas around the city.  Lee has largely remained quiet about it so far while he continues to work with the "best political minds in the city."   Now the Mayor's staff has come out with a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why he needs to parks in bus stops, traffic lanes, and crosswalks.

Mayor Lee's vehicle poised to abandon another idea created by his task force.
Image found here.  
Mayor Lee's spokesman explains, "It's a tactical move when the mayor might need to quickly bolt and flip-flop on an issue.  A perfect example of this was when Mayor Lee went to a SFMTA board meeting to repeal Sunday metering in order to garner support for the Vehicle License Fee Tax, and then quickly drove away to another event to withdraw his support for that very idea."

The Mayor stopping in crosswalk and blocking pedestrians so he can meet with great political minds
Other times the Mayor may need a really close parking spot in a bus stop to create a Task force to come up with innovative ways of funding neglected SFMTA infrastructure, and then dash away from the idea in his personal electric Chevy Volt.  "It's times like this when it's good his personal car is around to get him out of a sticky situation" said Lee's spokesman while rolling her eyes.

Mayor Lee parking in a Bus Stop to show solidarity for the missing service the Sunday metering repeal created.  (Eventually his driver moved to a safer crosswalk)
Photo: David Black
They also said that Mayor Lee will certainly admonish the driver who made his life a heck of a lot easier than what most people in San Francisco experience when taking Muni, or motorists who drive around trying to find parking in congested areas.   She also looked over towards Oakland and said, "at least OUR mayor didn't text and drive, crash into a motorist, and then fail to give them proof of insurance".


  1. Finally Mayor Lee seems like a regular SF resident! lol

    1. God bless the man. In a city of 850k and a 50 square mile city it makes sense to have a personal car and driver.