Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Restore Car Balance Billionaires Also "Restoring Art Balance"

What's missing from all this art in San Francisco's iconic areas?  #RestoreArtBalance
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The wonderful people at Restore Car Balance have been jumping for joy in their vehicles as of late, as they received all the signatures they need to get "Restore Balance" on the initiative. The initiative will help car owners, especially billionaires, drive around San Francisco easier and find free, plentiful, parking everywhere in the city.  The measure will also help make single vehicle ownership more appealing to San Franciscans as well, which in turn will somehow all work out in the best interests of motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit.

The Restore Car Balance does understand though that there's a definite image problem with cars.  Some people might look at vehicles as a barrier in tight-knit cities with a finite supply of land.  Others look at vehicles as a danger on pedestrian/cyclists rich streets, and a blight on the city's landscape.  This is very apparent in the art that we see in many of the iconic areas of San Francisco, and why the same group will "Restore Art Balance".

"Vehicles can add to the beauty and charm of San Francisco's well known streets"
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Greg Winkle, spokesman for the group, had this to say, "It's very clear to us when you look at pictures of the Golden Gate, Lombard Street, and other well known pathways in San Francisco, is that they are sorely missing vehicles.  It's almost as if they're not wanted. We want to re-energize the public and build a hearty appetite for vehicles in the city."

"Is there anything more breathtaking than a family weaving through a horde of cars on Lombard Street?"
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Greg says he's had no issues recruiting talent for this initiative, since he's backed by a slew of billionaires that really "have a boner for private cars and free public parking".  He hopes that once the public sees cars in a more positive, artistic light, they will warm up to having them more than just everywhere.

"We want 'cArt' to make SF citizens, and visitors, to think 'how amazing it would be to be part of that traffic'"
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Greg says even though the art isn't selling, at all, it wont stop them for commissioning a second batch since the tech money will continue to flow.  Their second commission will feature the Ocean Beach parking lot, 280 Freeway stub, and pictures of Mayor Lee's Chevy Volt in bus stops, traffic lanes and crosswalks.  The paintings are currently valued at less than $10, but there is some speculation those prices may double over the next few years."


  1. Those car pictures and painting are neat. I may get one or two for office. Have a nice day.

  2. Why not just get a window near a freeway. It's even more beautiful in person!