Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SFMTA to Demolish Housing for Neighborhood Parking Lots

The Great folks at "Restore Car Dominated Balance" 2014 have a lot of well thought out policy plans for the citizens of San Francisco.  They want to make sure that everything is equally shared between cars, bikes, cars, pedestrians, cars, muni, cars and cars.  The SFMTA has already agreed to help pilot one of their brilliant initiatives.

Parking - It's only everywhere and if you try to manage supply you're an asshole.
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Restore Car Balance Policy 3: A portion of any additional parking or motorists' fees and new bond monies earmarked for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) should go to the construction and operation of neighborhood parking garages.

There's little room to build additional parking garages in most neighborhoods since most of the land is already occupied by parks, businesses, houses and streets, the SFMTA has come up with an innovated way to deal with the issue.  Businesses and home owners put their name into the lottery and the one drawn has their building bulldozed to make room for a new, critically needed, neighborhood parking garage.  Mark Daury, longtime resident of Alamo Square, was the winner of the pilot lottery.

"Hey those are the breaks.  Our neighborhood sorely needs another underutilized parking garage" - Mark Daury,
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Mark Daury wasn't entirely happy that he was chosen and lost his house, but he feels it make a lot more sense than putting Car Shares on the roads, that help entice 9-13 people to give up their private automobiles, or installing parking meters with demand based pricing to help ease congestion.  "Hey those are the breaks. Our neighborhood sorely needs another underutilized parking garage".  If the pilot is deemed successful, additional parking craters will be constructed in the future.

Restore Car Balance wants to see more beauties like these in every SF neighborhood in the near future.
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  1. Let's start by demo'ing Rob Anderson's house first.

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